How you can help St Mary's 

Everything we do has two vital ingredients. We need lots more of both, so please read on.

We need VOLUNTEERS to help with:

Events                                                                  Looking after the Church             

Organising                                                           Flowers                             

Selling tickets                                                       Cleaning

Helping at events                                                  Churchyard tidying and gardening 

Services                                                                Publicity                             

Providing/serving refreshments                            Preparing notices                                                    

Sidesperson (taking collection etc.)                       Distributing notices                                                                                                                   

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and we need FINANCE:

Did you know: 

The Church of England requires each community to fund its local church in full;

Our contribution to the payroll costs for the clergy and their support staff is about £4,000 per year;

It costs over £1,000 per year and a lot of volunteer work to keep the churchyard looking tidy;

Our insurance and electricity together cost over £2,000 per year;

After we meet our basic costs, we rarely have much left over to meet the repair programme (totalling over £25,000) recommended in our last 5 yearly inspection;

Over 90% of our regular income comes from donations from individuals and fund raising work by volunteers. 


Can you help us with fund-raising - organising appeals, grant applications? 

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Can you help us with a one off donation ?           

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Why not become a regular donor ?       

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Don’t forget that if you are a UK taxpayer, 
Gift Aid can increase your donation by 25%                                     

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and, before you go, 

Why not remember St Mary’s (and other charities) in your will
by opening a Charities Aid Foundation Legacy Account ?       

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