Chippenham Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team Update


Whitegates, Castle Combe- Kitchen door insecure whilst occupants in the house. Christmas Presents stolen from kitchen cupboards. 14/11 1600hrs.

Gate Farm, Sutton Benger- Utility vehicle stolen from unsecure barn. Repeat victim. 26/11-27/11 Overnight.

West Yatton- padlock and bolt broken from an outbuilding of a farm. Attempt break. 26/11-27/11

Edgecorner Lane, Burton- shed broken into- steel bin stolen. 30/11-01/12

Stanton St Quinton- Rear door of dwelling smashed and items of jewellery stolen. TVO £1800. 05/12-07/12

West Yatton Road, Yatton Keynell- Rear Door smashed, camera stolen TVO £400. 22/12

Draycott Cerne- Dwelling burglary, windows smashed- money stolen from inside property. 03/01

Biddestone- Rear Door broken into with garden spade. £500 cash and half gold sovereign coin stolen. Elderly single resident was at her daughters. 30/12-04/01

Edgecorner lane, Burton- Battery and spade stolen from shed. TVO £65. 24/12-03/01

Yatton Keynell- burglary, laptops stolen 3x males arrested by Police. All males have been charged. 2x males have received prison sentences and 3rd male still awaiting sentencing. 


Castle Inn, Castle Combe- Cooking oil TVO £100 stolen from kitchen. 2x males posed as delivery drivers. 01/11

Yatton Keynell- Farm site has been entered and 2x vehicle have had window mirrors stolen and have been jacked up and tyres stolen from vehicles. 04/11-07/11.

Hullavington M4 karting- 800 Litres of Fuel stolen. 04/12 1630

Leigh Delamere Services- Car broken into, smashed window. Handbag stolen from within. Had 4x other thefts that day in Chippenham at Brewers Fayre car park. 05/12

Hullavington Pre-school- 2x hosepipes stolen. 26/10-07/11

Hullavington, Royal field Close- Half a tank of diesel stolen. 21/11-22/11 overnight.

Crown Inn, Guideahall- Vehicle broke into, gold clubs stolen TVO £1000. 25/11 1750-1835hrs

Castle Combe- Tools stolen from a vehicle. 25/11 1800-1900hrs.

Upper Seagry- 15 Gallons of oil stolen from external fuel tank. TVO £100. 14/12

Fuel stolen from Allington farm shop. 21/12 1430hrs.

Church Farm, Stanton St Quinton- 6 Heifers stolen TVO £3500/£4000. 16/12

Christian Malford-  Theft of number plates from vehicle parked outside of Village Hall.

Field in The Gibb- Electric  fencer stolen and solar charger TVO £270.28/12-29/12

Limetree Farm, Kington Langley- Diesel taken from fuel tank. Tack barn padlock bent but nothing taken. 08/01.

Seagry Hill- Attempt oil theft- have had oil taken 7x previously and have increased security- they could not get lock off of oil tank. Tool marks found but no oil taken. 26/11

Criminal Damage

Sutton Benger Village Hall- bin set alight and lighting smashed. 09/11-10/11

Hullavington- bench damaged belonging to Parish Council- 2x males spoken to by Police with their parents. 26/11

Sutton Benger Village Hall- Drain pipes ripped off and smashed. 29/11-30/11

The Barton, Kington Langley- tyres have been let down 3x now on separate occasions in the last month of the same resident. 30/11

Sutton Benger Church- 5 pages of the lectionary bible slashed TVO £200. 08/12

Sutton Benger Village Hall- Bike stolen from outside hall- left insecure. 09/01-10/01.

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